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About F. Tuna Burgut, MD, PC

I have trained at Cornell and Columbia and am Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Neurology. Having trained in both specialties, I believe that brain and mind are inseparable, therefore I frequently evaluate my patients with multiple modalities.I am interested in assessing each patient comprehensively using multiple perspectives, including cognition, behavior, life story and personality. My practice focuses on patients living with mood, cognitive and behavioral problems which are sometimes in the context of other neurological symptoms. I am dedicated to helping my patients with mood disorders, behavioral disorders, cognitive concerns, anxiety, ADHD and other disorders.

My goal as your physician is to understand and ease the suffering you may be experiencing. I strive to provide this through a strong relationship based on trust, empathy and mutual understanding and up to date scientific knowledge. Should you decide to present for an evaluation, I will put forth my best effort to help you accomplish your treatment goals.

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